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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
Before I start talking, I think I should introduce myself.

Hello there, my "name" is Stiak, I'm a girl from Czech republic and my english is really bad.

Donut take meh serious, I'm trying to have fun Cx

I'm in many many many fandoms, but my main one is Creepypasta.
Nope, I'm not another "Creepypasta fangirl" who's in love with Jeff the Killer, BEN drowned or Eyeless Jack.

I prefer good, scary creepypastas and my favouritest are NES Godzilla Creepypasta, Abandoned by Disney and something like this.

I noticed that this fandom is slowly dying and that's making me sad, I already started something like "project" in Czech republic and Slovakia, we're trying to show people that Creepypasta isn't about cute psycho killers that are in love with another cute psycho killer.

And more and more people are joining us and sharing this idea.
*god bless you people :3*

Also, I'm trying to get Creepypasta more known in our country, so I'm translating.
(And always crediting the author if I know who it is Cx)

I have a Creepypasta blog where I am putting these translations... and people like them, I don't even know why XD
They say that my translations are good, I don't trust them because I should be better anyways, but who cares :D

Here's the blog:…
Thanks to awesome :iconsuchanartist13: for her permission, she allowed me to use her pics on the design ;w;

(If you're interested in success of my blog, look here:
--> these are statistic of my blog c'x
"Návštěvy" means "Visits"
"Celkem" means "Total"
"Týden" means "This Week"
"Dnes" means "Today"
"Online" means "Online" XD)

If you think that you have written/found interesting and good creepypasta story that I should translate, don't wait and tell me! I'll be happy cx

(I'm trying to ask the author before I translate it, so donut worry cx(
((Donut worry... oh fuck lol XD))

I also love another fandoms, f. e.:
Sonic Games
Legend of Zelda
My little Pony
Jet Set Radio
The World Ends With You
Marble Hornets
SCP Foundation
Five Nights At Freddy's

and many other CX

Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Chica Requests Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon

Mah awesome freundies:
:iconmargaret7855778: :iconkristynacreepylover: :iconnikaslittleworld: :iconvelerina-chan: :iconzalyheartlesstigress: :iconsuri02: :iconendy8888: :iconeyelessjackie27: :iconjasthelazyelf: :iconhashslash: :iconriverwho: :iconalerazz501: :iconfirebird71: :iconalcarnarmo-77: :iconro4le: :iconkatie1234585: :iconalfaraptor: :iconproinfo: :iconsepticmelon::iconcute-devil-lele: :iconcreepygrl: :icondeadallies: :iconticci-jirka: :iconfluttershouts: :iconcreepypasters: :iconrainbowwheater: :iconsilian-sk: :iconapple1970bee: :iconglambertden: :iconcandynut: :iconlarynx13: :iconreinanaeki: :iconeigni: :iconsad-sorrow: :iconamissa-naitosura: :iconcrys03: :iconshidomeka: :iconritabruh: :iconbezzubkacz: :iconscarlet13c: :iconclairbanthedoll: :icon12318freak97: :iconsk8man202: :iconkuud3r3kurayami: :iconcreepygamergirl2002: :iconvictoriavaporeon:

Other AWESOME PEOPLE i want to be friedns with:
:iconcentrosema: :iconghostfacenikol: :iconlurid-motth: :iconbleedingheartworks: :iconsuchanartist13: :icons-uicideartist: :iconummuvonnadia: :iconknife-girl: :iconmorena-chan: :iconn4dz: :iconkrisantyl: :iconlasky111: :iconeuphobea: :iconjesterca: :iconivydarkrose: :iconstar-byte::iconsparklingdemon: :iconalviaalcedo: :icondoodlebozo: :iconashiva-k-i: :iconkawacy: :icongatanii69: :iconfurkas: :iconjascurka: :icons3link: :icon90o: :iconeeveetachi: :iconnaikoruj: :iconshiiou: :iconruso3d:

(((there are many more, I'm still updating this page so sorry for forgetting someone v.v)))


Alice Cole by STIAK
Alice Cole
Again an OC to fanfic Masters of Cyberspace, this time made by Clocky777 :33

I tried a newer style of drawing... :D

Deeply hope ya like x3

Alice © Clocky777
Mundeea Jackson by STIAK
Mundeea Jackson
You know, guyz, I allowed people reading my blog to create an OC I'll add to my fanfic Masters of Cyberspace, just... That fanfic is about 5 people from one school and that school has to have, um, about 120 students, so people can create and create ^•^
'Cuz it's fun! :D

This one is created by girl with nickname "That Girl Behind You" :3

It's just a, um, quickly drawn pic, so... Sorry q.q

But I have to draw about 12 pictures as fast as I can... TOO LITTLE TIME, 'cuz i'm also writing and writing etc...

Ahh, guyzzz

Hope ya like :33

Mundeea © "That Girl Behind You"

Alexandra Lisicka by STIAK
Alexandra Lisicka
Warriana's OC that will appear in Masters of Cyberspace! :3

First time I normally drew a profile eye .-.

Alexandra © Warriana
Art © me :33
Katrine Wibblery by STIAK
Katrine Wibblery
Those boobs are bad, i know :c

I can't draw, duuuuuh

Here's an OC by XatieSmile that will appear in Masters of Cyberspace fanfiction :3

She's skinny and loves steampunk ^^

For all czechs :DD

Katrine © XatieSmile
Art © me x3
Genderbend! by STIAK
Masters of Cyberspace content, beware.

(MoC is a fanfiction I write in czech btw :D)

I was just wondering about how could Vilan's female version look. YUSS, AND TA-DAAAAA!


I ship them so hard :3

Dakee's hair are darker here, don't ask plz, I was listening to Kaito's song "Obey" for the whole morning and I wanted Dakee to kinda look like him since she's as a female similiar to Hatsune Miku and she loves vocaloids and stuff :D


Vilan and Dakee belong to me and my 4 friends :3

Art belongs to me ^^
Nate and Hugh by STIAK
Nate and Hugh
I always wanted to play Pokemon B2/W2, but... I couldn't because of my emulatorssss ;-;
Love the way Hugh came out! ^•^

It's with watercolors again ^^

Nyah, B/W and B2/W2 are the only Pokémon Games for DS I like.
Just... I prefer old Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, G/S/C and R/S/E ^^

Pokémon © Nintendo
Art © me :3
So, I want to say sorry, i wasn't here for couple of weeks, i know. But I'm finally back! Hehe. :D

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